LifeScape For Brands

Empowering SMB's and entrepreneurs to quickly and economically launch digital campaigns.

Campaign Management Platform

Lifescape's Campaign Management Platform gives you the power to manage all of your campaigns
tracking the effectiveness of each social action in real time.


Small Offices and Home Offices have their hands full with their daily chores and responsibilities. Automate routine tasks and deliver tangible results.


We help SMB's implement programs that include market surveys, list building, data aggregation, content marketing, PPC, social media, and SEO.


The Enterprise Platform combines the best of traditional campaign methods with smart technology to deliver verifiable results.

Campaign Dashboard

Increase consumer engagement digitally, collect consumer data to build a database for email promotions and SMS blasts.

Message your customers when it matters most

Sales automation helps you sell more

Analyze each campaign and message

Marketing Automation, CRM and Messaging at Scale

All the tools you need to make meaningful connections and grow your business. External distribution let's companies share branded assets with
external parties such as freelancers and other outside contractors. This ensures brand consistency is upheld through uniform
brand material use from all potential involved parties. ​

Marketing Automation

Automate the marketing no one has time for, inlcuding email, messaging and chat.

CRM Lead Tracker

Build your funnel with lead prioritization and contact management

Messaging Platform

Reach your clients on every major messaging platform.

Helping Progressive
Organizations Grow

Next Generation Social+Mobile+Digital Platform


Triggers start the campaign process in the physical or virtual world .Each document is tagged with a sophisticated 3D bar-code so we can track the effectiveness of each and every campaign.


Predefine each action at each stage of your campaign.


Create scenarios that facilitate conversino.


Deliver payloads and track the success of each campaign.

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Lifescape uses tried and true marketing techniques, combines this with
advanced personalization techniques and delivers measurable results to your business.