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Preserving Life's Precious Memories

About Us

Lifescape provides a digital story telling platform that transforms how people capture special moments, share stories, and preserve their memories.

Lifescape can create moments from all popular social platforms and push moments created from the Lifescape App to any other social platform.

Lifescape provides a place where meaningful MOMENTS can be organized, shared, preserved, and easily located.

What We Do

Lifescape improves the way content is used to connect people to the world around them… including friends, family, brands, archives, and their experiences. We also make it easy to organize meaningful content, share it, discuss it, and preserve it forever.

Lifescape is a company that provides a “DIGITAL STORY TELLING PLATFORM” that allows the creation of “MOMENTS” which can be organized via a series of “CHANNELS”

Today, there are millions of assets, both digital and physical, which combine to make up the histories of an individual, a family, a cause, a movement, a company, a tribe, a geographical location or humanity as a whole. The combination of these assets gives us a “snapshot” into each material event. We call this a “moment in time”. We make it easy to create, store, access, and share these moments according to time, place, location and people.

Our Team

Lifescape is led by visionary entrepreneur Linwood Thompson. 
Over 25 years ago, Linwood envisioned a system that would organize and categorize the important moments in a person’s life.

Linwood Thompson


David Hardy